Friday, March 25, 2011

Why HTML5?

Introduction to HTML 5
HTML5 is the new improved version of HTML4.It comes with lot of happing features and new tags, elements that makes the web face to change forever.HTML5 has moved to the new era of technology by taking all the needs of the designers , web developers and App developers.

HTML5 focus on lot of field with one major agenda to make the the code semantic and easy to do and read.With high concept introduce but focus also kept on the little things too.

But Why HTML5?
- New Doctype declaration - simple and short
- New Elements, semantic code and easy to understand eg- header, footer, nav, aside etc
- New Element Video - To give the experience of using the Videos on page with easy features and less code
- New Element Audio to give the experience of using the audio on page with easy features and less code No third party plugin
- New Element Canvas - To use JS animation on page with the help of the canvas
- Drag and Drop features
- Live content Editing
- On page Form Validation (No JS no Jquery)
- Local Storage feature
- Preload videos
- Output Element
- Sliders
- and many more...

So, just because few browsers are not able to support the these exciting features of the HTML5 that does not mean we should not use it from now.We should make our users and client informed and educated for new browsers and new technology as per the current and future market and technology.

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