Saturday, March 26, 2011

E-mailers - when we will drop HTML4?

As the increase in the search engines website and increase of the internet users around the world in such short span of time.The term "Internet Marketing" is catching the attention.Now days successful Internet Marketing is must to have to promote the product and services they are offering.

Internet Marketing is simple term is to promote yourself doing marketing through internet...promoting you and your product/services.

The best way of Internet Marketing is - Email Marketing.All, developer developing the e mailers know the thumb rule of E mailers -"Old way of doing HTML4 and Old inline style-sheet"

As we are adopting HTML5 and CSS3 to our web applications and websites even though the many old-browsers are not supporting 100% HTML5 and CSS3, but all are encouraging designer and developers to use the latest technologies.But what about E mailers? Internet marketing is not any old-fashion's technique nor e mailers are both are the new things and very useful for every company.When we can drop the old fashioned type of coding for the e mailers?When we will have the new latest HTML5 and CSS3 support for our e mailers?

The must to have Features of HTML5 and CSS3 for e mailers:

1) HTML5 have the Semantic Code structure - like header, footer, aside, video, canvas.It would be great if we can use the same elements in our e mailers.To make our e mailer template well structured and easy to read the code

2) No tables, I want my div back,all designers and developers come a long way from tables and in e mailers when we have to do table coding it hurts like hell.We should not be partial with e mailers and we should have the support of DIV

3) CSS3 Rounded corners, because of the blocking images on the e mailers we need to use the lesser images which lead us to avoid the rounded images and buttons.It would be great to get the rounded corners effect by using CSS3 in our e mailers which will make our e mailer eye catching without using images.

4) CSS3 Text-Shadow, all e mailer designers miss the shadow effects on the text because of the restriction of the images on the e mailers.But thanks to css3 text-shadow we can leave the images and by just style-sheet we can give the beautiful shadow to our texts

5)CSS3 Transform, we all play around with the images and graphics by making them rotate etc but again same old problem with the e mailers - No Images.We have to drop them but now CSS3 have the transform features by which we can rotate , scale and transform the images.

6) Background Image support , e mailers don't support the background-image property but we would love to have the support of the background images on e mailers.So, that we designer can take full advantage of the background images.

7) No Inline CSS, Inline Css makes the code clumsy and hard to read.It would be good to have the separate HTML and CSS.CSS external style-sheet support should be given.

This is the high time to change the way we are coding the e mailers as the web technology is moving in new era and user accessibility and interaction is taking the first seat.So, for the e mailers too, we should not make our users and designers feels that they are still working in 90's by using inline style-sheet and old type of HTML4 and table support.

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