Monday, March 28, 2011

IE and Designers - Just a thought to share!!

IE is the biggest enemy of all the designers working worldwide.Now after the HTML5 and CSS3 less support on IE6 problem increased a lot.As lot of people advised to drop the IE and use the new technology and features to enhance the website functionality but what about those website whose main traffic is coming from the IE only?

I work in India and main visitors and focus area of traffic is Marjory from India only and here people are not so tech savvy and they wouldn't know about the Firefox,chrome and other browsers which we consider as designer-friendly browsers.

So, for designer like me whose main traffic is still on IE6, dropping IE bug would not be possible.Although lot of fixes and concepts like Progressive Enhancement is there but when you know where your whole audience will be coming to check your product you will be giving 100% there and focusing on that only.So, putting functionality for Modern browsers and keeping your audience away from that functionality wont be a good idea.

I always face this problem whenever projects come to me - to show off new functionality and features I use modern browsers but when come to term of what I am delivering to my audience comes to a simple Sponge Cake!!

What I am expecting from IE?
Many people in India not aware of the Modern Browser or any new improved Version of IE.There should be 100% block and come with more improved versions that support the new features and properties.

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