Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome to Code and Pixels...

Welcome at Code and Pixels
Thanks for dropping to the Code and Pixels, as the name loudly saying its all about the CODING(Front end) and every designers favorite PIXELS (all about designing).This blog is an attempt to touch all the related information about the Front end Development and Design concepts - Website, Graphics, Internet Marketing and and design.

What is Front End Development?
It is not a new term in fashion, from many years all designers were working on the design and the Front end development.Front end development is all about converting your PSD - your design to markup languages (xhtml and css) by using the Jquery or javascript. XHTML,CSS,JS are all the front-end languages that give the designers exposure to how there own design will look on the web.

With the new era of HTML 5 and CSS 3 and Javascript framework the job of designers as front end developer is become easy and more interesting.

Pros of Being Front End Developer, also

1) More exposure to the new technologies
2) Able to design and code your own thing
3) Able to come out of colors into real world of code
4) Can design as per the coding standards
5) Can actually know how the website works

Cons of Being Front End Developer

1) You have to play dual role
2) Sometimes keep your creativity aside to meet the coding standards
3) you have to think and apply the BEST of the BOTH WORLD
4) Always keep your hand in both Design and Coding

Overall its good for designer to have knowledge of front end development, so that they can get to know how there design can actually meet the real world requirements.And its always good for IT people to keep there basket full of knowledge of front end and design too.

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