Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ultimate Guide for CSS3 in Newsletters and Emailers


Few days back I wrote an article about the HTML5 support for mailers - when we will drop HTML4? And today I got the campaign Monitor e-mailer on CSS and e-mailer for newsletter - for CSS3 and hand phones.I am very excited to see that many nice features of css3 and also of css2 we can use in the newsletters and e-mailers.

Following properties we can use and fully supported in mailers:

- Style tag in head and body section both
- Float
- text-shadow

Following properties are not fully supported:-

- Background Image
- Width
- height
- Padding
- Box-shadow

Good news is iphone, ipad and Apple Mail 4 is supporting every css3 and css2 features fully.

You can check and download the guide to css support for mailers from campaign monitor.

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